About Tobaselja Horse Farm

The idea of a horse farm started already 20 years ago when horses became the greatest passion of our hostess Ly. Her dream of owning the animals and found the farm has come true and is now a reality.

The farm was established in 2008 and today there are horses, ostriches, turkeys and cattle.

To make the life of horses better, the farm has received some support from European Union Leader programme. In the near future, there will be a new stable, forest path and sand court.

The family in the farm had a possibility to enroll in Heifer project, and now they are honoured to raise an Estonian heavy draught who is, no doubt, the pride of the farm.

This horse farm is little but an animal loving and country traditions holding union, whose goal is to bring people back to the village and keep them there. But mostly, it is hoped that people will be injected by the virus of loving horses which has already affected the whole family and friends.